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Bamboo Grove of Oharano, 2002

Collection of Beijing Art Museum (China)
Bamboo Grove in waterside, 2005
Bamboo Grove (Sliding door picture), 1992

Bamboo and Wild Boars, 1994
145.5×112.1 F80
Spring whiteness, 1995
100.0×80.3 F60, Private collection

Bamboo Couple, 1996
Collection of National History Museum (Brazil)
Serene Bamboos, 1998
116.7×90.9 F50, Private Collection

Night Glimmer, 1989
116.7×90.9 F50
Awarded a prize at the 28th Hokuriku Chunichi Art Exhibition
Collection of Kyoto International Conference Hall (Kyoto)
Bamboo with Tortoiseshell Pattern, 1989
162.1×130.3 F100
Awarded Prize of Excellence at Hokuriku Women’s Art Exhibition in 1989
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