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[New Corner "Here Hot Intelligence Agency" 1st week and 2nd week of every month]
"~I am bamboo and bamboo is me~ The world of Kazuyo Yasoyama as artist"
The atelier is set up in the Oharano in Nishikyo Ward, and it is painter Kazuyo Yasoyama in the western-style painting who keeps drawing the work of which the motif is the bamboo unusually.
"Here Hot Intelligence Agency" approaches the creation activity of Ms. Yasoyama as a new
corner in October.

[Kazuyo Yasoyama] Brazil Bastos city birth.The one-man show is held one after another as the same western-style painting person in Tokyo including parents Coten of active mother and Masako, Kyoto, Brazil, China, and New York, etc.Popular is gotten. The salon Do Ari regular member, the member of the bamboo culture promotion society, and the book are many such as "Harmony of a Sian bamboo".

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