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Tokyo National Museum "International student's day" in 2005 fiscal year
Everybody of a cappella group "Qualtate Sakura" sings in the background of my
picture(Bamboo Grove [Sliding door picture](1992)) at the a cappella concert.
Date: Nov 23, 2005   9:30~17:00
Organizers: Tokyo National Museum
Execution part: Main pavilion, Orient pavilion, Horyuji Temple treasure pavilion,
Heisei pavilion 1F, Oukyo pavilion-Kujo pavilion(in garden)
The main
- National treasure : Ganryaku Kouhon Man-yoshu 1,6,12,18
- National treasure : Gusnsho chiyou
- Important cultural asset : Shusitsuoshiki,Keishi
Event: *Guidance (Japanese only)
-Theme : Introduction of Museum "Welcome to Tokyo National Museum"
-Lecturer : Chika Yoshida(Researcher in Tokyo National Museum,
Operation division,Educational spread section)
-Place/Time : Large hall in Heisei pavilion(11:00~11:30)
* Lecture(Japanese only)
- Theme : Peaceful whole country and Present age in Tokugawa 260 years
- Lecturer : Tsunetaka Tokugawa(Chief director of Tokugawa commemoration foundation )
- Place/Time : Large hall in Heise pavilion(14:10~15:00)
*Japanese song a cappella concert
- Singer : Qualtate Sakura
- Place/Time : Entrance hall, Main pavilion 1F(13:40~14:00,15:40~16:00)
-Exhibition work : "Bamboo Grove (Sliding door picture)"
(Kazuyo Yasoyama[Artist])

*Exhibition("Hokusai Exhibition" and "Imari and Miaybi no kyo ware that becomes it in magnificence") held at the same time is charged.
Bamboo Grove (Sliding door picture), 1992
Moso bamboo is connected to adjacent bamboo by the roots. In this respect bamboo is just like human beings. Children are born from their parents, and their grandfathers, grandmothers, relatives and friends are all inter-connected by their roots. A bamboo grove is just like human society. The trunks are like the outward appearance of human beings, and the roots are like the interior of human beings.
“ I am bamboo, and bamboo is me.”
The inner part of a bamboo grove is dense and dark. My paintings venture to make it light. I wanted to show that if you follow your own path without wavering, you will have a bright future.
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