Bamboo & Sbuterraneam stems Objet 
Chance of Bamboo CandleBamboo & Subterranean stems Objet
<Chance of Bamboo Candle>
  It decided it for Greenland in January, 1991.
  At that time, it went to the country where it kept worrying by the color of the bamboo, it worried for a while, and the result and the color that had come out did not exist and it reached the conclusion that it wanted to see what color the color of own bamboo was.
  At last, OK went out to an American embassy and a Danish embassy for the second permission application.
  Eight sponsors and Mr. Takaya Nomura (researcher of the bamboo) were taken three weeks before the party of "Kazuyo Yasoyama, One person in Greenland travel" was held in Kyoto Kokusai Hotel on June 30 and it guided it to shop "Piano Raunge Yu" of resorting of the Gion-cho.
  I "It seems and when water is put in the bamboo, and the floatage candle is floated, to be beautiful. "
  It is diagonal and the angle of the light can enjoy the cut when cutting it straight.
  It requested to Toyo Chikukou by which Mr. Nomura was making my idea a
friendship, and the bamboo candle was born.
  The owner of "Piano Raunge Yu" will die in several years in the sickness, the will is carried on, and pianist's Ms. Yukari is taking an active part as a mama of "Piano Raunge BURERA" the Hanami-koji Shinbashi southwest corner underground now. The light of the candle waveringly shakes to the sherry glass in the inside of a store now.