Book Jacket
Original Book Jacket of Kazuyo Yasoyama

Color : Green, Blue, Pink
Swade artificial leather "Lamous" that Asahi Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. originally developed is used.
Kazuyo Yasoyama produced this product in cooperation with the production doing and Ikeda Kigyo Co., Ltd. with particular about the material and the color with ecology as the theme.

Manufacturing sales origin :
Ikeda Kigyo Co., Ltd.

TEL 06-6773-2770

Price: 3,150 yen
(including tax of 150 yen)


Year of Exchange between Japan and Brazil
“The Exhibition of Japanese Culture ”

The Work Collection of Kazuyo Yasoyama.

It is a picture collection that praises the emphasis on the 100th anniversary in Japan and Brazil, and is published in commemoration of holding "Year of Exchange between Japan and Brazil, The Exhibition of Japanese Culture".
Mother's Masako Yasoyama painter's work is published including the work of two writers "Mr.Kihachi Tabata(Fabric-dyeing artist at the 5th generation), Mr. Shogen Kuroda(Senke Jissoku bamboo craft person at the 13th generation) ",who represent Japan that agreed.
The bamboo is drawn and year 25.
Please satisfy many of the oil painting and the sumi-e painting that the Kazuyo Yasoyama painter who goes forward bonds with the person importantly through Takee draws like the subterranean stem of the bamboo.

Size A4, 75 pages

Price: 2,100 yen (including tax of 100 yen)

“Landscapes, Flowers & Birds, and Portraits”

From the Kazuyo Yasoyama Exhibitions in China in commemoration of the anniversary of diplomatic relations between China & Japan

Kazuyo Yasoyama has been striving to express her original world of human emotions perceived in bamboo. She has adopted the traditional drawing techniques of northern China, which she learnt at Xian Art Academy, to develop a new Yasoyama style. The works of eleven Chinese artists of Xian Art Academy are included.

Size A4, 72 pages

Price: 2,100 yen (including tax of 100 yen)

“Harmony of Bamboo: the Xian Style”

A Painter of Bamboo Goes to China

An account of Kazuyo Yasoyama’s enjoyable days spent with many good friends in Xian Art Academy. Includes her sketch trips, home visits and experience of cooking Chinese dumplings. She finally managed to bury her mother’s remains in Harbin and visit the site of the Japanese 731 Corps in World War II. This book is filled with the attractions of present China.

284 pages

Published by Shirakawa Shoin (075-781-3980)

* Sold at major bookstores in Kyoto, Tokyo, Okayama and Ishikawa

Price: 2,415 yen(including tax of 115 yen)

“ Masako & Kazuyo Yasoyama Exhibition”
1992.3.5~3.31 New York Art Director's Club

It is an exhibition in New York of second.
It is a mother and daughter commemoration picture collection that commemorated the first mother and daughter overseas exhibition.
It is a work of Kazuyo where painter Masako Yasoyama's work that draws nature and parent and child's abundant affections and other sceneries and living things of chief bamboo are drawn. Please enjoy the world of two people.

52 pages, 1992 versions

Published by Onoue Print(0266-52-8020)

Price: 2,100 yen(including tax of 100 yen)

“ Masako & Kazuyo Yasoyama Exhibition”

The Japanese has been year 90 to Brazil since the immigrant was started.The round exhibition was held in three cities (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and the brasilia) as the commemoration business. Daughter Kazuyo is Sao Paulo birth.A lot of most important works of the painter Masako Yasoyama and two people are announced, and the painting exhibition is held in all parts of the world, and the high appraisal is received.

91 pages, 1998 versions

Published by Onoue Print(0266-52-8020)

Price: 2,625 yen(including tax of 125 yen)

The 30th normalization of China-Japan relations anniversary in 2002
“Bamboo Cultures of China & Japan, Kazuyo Yasoyama Exhibition”

2002 “Japanese Year” “Chinese Year”

The exhibition was held as a commemoration business of "Chinese year" and "Japanese year" at Chinese Revolution Museum (Beijing City) Nanjing Museum (Nanjing City) in 2002 normalization in the anniversary the 30th in daytime in September, 2002.
Nanjing museum and round exhibition holding of Chinese Revolution
Museum and Nanjing in Beijing as Japanese national memorial event.
Give many of the oil painting, the sumi-e painting, and the kimono
that 80 Yamacazyo painter draws skilled.

10 pages, 2002 versions

Published by Onoue Print(0266-52-8020)

Price: 210 yen(including tax of 10 yen)

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