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The first paintings

The first Chinese ink landscape painting

The first portrait

Apr. 23 (Sun.)
With my classmates by the basketball court at the Art Academy after lunch
The man on the far left is a third-year student of the Design Course

Apr. 26 (Wed.)
At the welcome party hosted by Xian City
The fifth man from the left is Wang, Head of the Accounting Department
The man standing on the right is Fan Xinhong

Apr. 29 (Sat.)
With my classmates at the Art Academy
The man on the right is Hu Tao, a third-year student of the Chinese Painting Course
The man on the left is Wang Haibo, a third-year student of the Western Painting Course

May 2 (Tue.)
Working on a Chinese painting (portrait) in my room (studio)

May 2 (Tue.)
With Guo Tiantian (first-year student of Western Painting Course) in my room
I gave her a sketch.
We were planning to visit her parents’ house during the summer vacation.
In Yulin City, which is a 13-hour drive north of Xian and famous for its beautiful, shiny, yellow mountains.

May 4 (Thu.)
At Huaqing Pool
Yang Kuei-fei in sneakers?!
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